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C2view generates results.

Would you like to automate and standardize your sales in Brazilian Market?

Problems of Personnel management or failure in personalized service?
It may be a large company, with an already formed sales team or a small start-up, anyone who wants excellence in strategy and planning can count on C2view.
Pre and Post FeedBack
(Excellence Attendance)

Through a chain of partners, we produce your campaign on demand as your audience appreciates, and we even offer 24-hour contact with your customers by directing Leads to your sellers and providing data for continuous results.


Hidden client campaigns, product presentation, lectures on excellence in service, satisfaction survey, re-call, crisis management, brand awareness rise and SEO analysis and presence on e off line.

Publicidade e Propaganda

Advertising and marketing work connects with the management of email marketing, facebook ads, adwords, youtube, google plus, twitter, instagram, apps and other media that in some way will positively impact sales and ongoing relationship.

Targeted Audience

Discover ways to interact with who you really care about,
with customer acquisition planning focused on selling and solving demands we can ensure the standardization and compliance on the presentation and value of your product or brand.


Feasibility study and product sellability.

Before we can guarantee the service and sales with defined period and contracted demands, we depend on a feasibility study on actions to be taken and returns for both parties.


Our differential

C2view – Work Flow

C2view uses a simple and straightforward process of creating, spreading and optimizing your service, sales conversion, delivery logistics and campaign re-marketing.

From the first contact with a potential customer to the relationship with an old account, CRM helps companies succeed in every aspect of customer service.

controlled and directed to new results.

Viability of Product or Lable

We reach the Brazilian Market

Connect with your Brazilian customers in a whole new way:


Build more meaningful and lasting relationships with your internal and external audience, your perception in the market is your greatest asset.


Get to know your customers’ needs and your team’s goals better, so know where and with whom you can grow.


Solve your problems faster and deploy customer-centric standards and on-time demand resolution.


With a unique customer interaction and collaborative view, you can sell, serve and advertise as higher profitability.

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The secrets of C2view:

Our mission is to evaluate and guide your business, product or service.

Optimization of Propagation Content

We have created your campaigns and outreach plans with results management (ROI).

Keywords analysis to find out what the public is looking for in relation to its field of activity.

We implement a series of Tags and Links of great volume of search and low competitiveness.
Creation of extra content in function of well defined Keywords.
Traffic Analysis in their networks and measurement of return / investment.


Market Perception Management.

Through this proposal there is an assertive orientation of the processes of generation and solution of the needs of the clients regarding your company.

Also through service excellence strategies, we will guide your team to introduce this supply.

The digital presence work also connects with the management of email marketing, Insta, facebook ads, adwords, youtube, google plus, twitter and other media that in some way will positively impact the sales and relationship with clients and prospects.

Wel have partners, investors and clients for trade shows, meetings, events or even business meetings with personalized business gifts

Promotions Management and FeedBack (24h)

Attendance with quality and multiplicity of functions so that your company is in constant constate visualization and planning.
Quick presentation and sales management through a database of clients and partners.
Logistics, delivery and receiving deals according to the demands of the negotiation in agreement with all the parties.


The Benefits:

Track your business and manage your sales anytime, anywhere.


Get more leads and close more deals quickly.


Anticipate your clients’ wishes based on past behaviors.


Increase customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention.


Connect individually with customers on social networks, mobile devices and more.

Our Team :

Our managers and employees work in attention service channels with excellence in several areas:

Hotel / Resots


 Commercial Department

Attention Service

Target Audience




Words :

Your satisfaction is our solution.


Promocional de reservas e Chat Online.

Gestão de midias e de parcerias.


Estacionamento Copapark


Campanhas mensais, Eventos, Representação comercial,  Mailmarketing, gestão de Adwords e parcerias.

Sol da barra 880

Hotel Sol da Barra 880


Mailmarketing, Representações comerciais, Ações de Prospecção, Estudo de mercado e Gestão de Carteira.

Lider Brasil Ambiental

Dedetizadora Lider Brasil Ambiental

Meet our attention service channels (24h).


About Us

Publicidade e Propaganda

In search of improvements in the day to day of people as in their personal or professional life encourages us to attract means of intelligent and directed consumption, thus activating through a joint effort of brands and advertisements a satisfied public in an efficient way.

Our services are comprehensive and tailored to the needs of our customers. These include: Management of CryptoMoon, Token, BitCoin, StartUps, Business Actions, Business Intelligence, and Merged Events events.

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We use the Istagram tool so our partners and followers can see the projects in operation or success cases that we have had the pleasure of working on.
We work with various means of investments in the area of ​​technology and personal and professional well-being. be part of our World.


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Contact us

WhatsApp: Marcus Reimol +5521996212567


Barra da Tijuca – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – BR

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